Critical Town Votes on May 6 and May 11!

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Littleton Community Farm supports Article 15, the acquisition of the Congregational Church Meadow Property at 194 Great Road for agricultural purposes, and we urge the voters to approve this transaction. We strongly believe that this parcel of land should remain in agriculture, as it is a limited and precious resource.

Glacially enhanced soil like we have here in Littleton takes 15,000 years to make, and it is made to be farmed. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service has characterized land such as this as a “National and Natural Treasure.”  If it is developed, it is gone FOREVER.

We are so pleased that the Congregational Church has decided to make this property available to the Town.

We are thrilled at the support of all the Boards in Town which have voted on this Article- The Board of Selectmen, the Finance Committee, the Community Preservation Committee, and the Agricultural Commission. It is important to remind the voters that the taxpayers will not be asked to assume any additional financial burden to enable this purchase.

We believe that this across the board support of this article by these various boards is indicative of the importance that preserving this land has to the entire town.

There are so many possible agricultural uses for this property, so many types of farming:

  • One type is the for-profit commercial production farmers such as those farms in town we often visit and highly value.
  • Another type is not-for-profit hunger relief community farms such as the one now operating on Church Meadows and coordinated by the Congregational Church. It provides free food to Loaves and Fishes, our local food pantry.
  • A third type is not-for-profit agricultural education community farms. They teach about farming and its benefits to the public, provide access to land and crops, and contribute to the community in a variety of other ways.

All of these types of local farming are important, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for these acres.  The most important issue today is acquiring the land and allowing it to be preserved as farmland FOREVER.

Please, vote yes on Article 15 at the town meeting on Monday, May 6!

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