What’s a community farm?

Littleton Community Farm logoWelcome to Littleton Community Farm’s website! We are an emerging project, a farm without land, a farmer or money. But we are a high energy, dedicated group of people who love to eat, cook, be outside, learn and support our community.

Our logo, which was created by a Nashoba Valley Technical High School student, represents who we are. The cheerful yellow sun and the wheat stalk bring to mind the concepts of preserving farmland, growing food, breaking bread, sharing abundance, building partnerships and welcoming people. If Littleton Community Farm can build this sort of culture and provide this kind of experience to generations of residents, then we will have achieved something amazing.

Are you wondering what a “community farm” is? It is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) that’s run by an experienced and trained farmer. It has a board of directors that provides stewardship and oversight to the farm. Our farm will have a base layer of agricultural operations dependent on donations, grants and volunteers; our agricultural operations will support the overall mission of education, community engagement and stewardship.

Littleton’s identity is made strong by a diverse range of agricultural models.  Not-for-profit agricultural education, not-for-profit hunger relief and for-profit commercial production are all valuable to our community.  Not every town has the opportunity, foresight, or generational choice to welcome new ideas, models and farmers to our community.

What can you expect from a community farm? We’re still building and working out the concepts of our budget and business plan. Typical activities on a community farm include community service, service learning, produce, volunteer opportunities, public events, memberships, outreach, and educational programming. Our farm will also support local schools, business and farms.

Feeling like a kindred spirit? We are looking for people to join our growing ranks. We need extra hands with writing, planning, organizing, and thinking. Looking for a small task? No Problem! Looking to get deeply involved? I have a few ideas for you!

If you enjoy locally grown delicious food, value and honor our agricultural resources, are inspired to learn and grow, and are looking to foster goodwill in our community please join us or make a donation.

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