Board of Directors

Christopher Grallert, President
Grant Kinghorn, Treasurer
Aase Kaldestad, Clerk
Christine Nordhaus, Director of Operations

Partners with Purpose

Littleton Community Farm is pleased to receive advice, donations and/or in-kind services from the following organizations:

  • Circle Health
  • Littleton Conservation Trust
  • New England Forestry Foundation
  • Reuben Hoar Library

Our Mission

Littleton Community Farm’s mission is to be a center for farm-based education and a model for traditional and innovative farming methods. Our aim is to inspire through hands-on, multigenerational exposure to farm, land, food, and volunteerism; growing for ourselves and for others.

Our Vision
Littleton Community Farm is a gathering place dedicated to fostering an appreciation of and connection among land, food, neighbors and community.

Our Core Values


We celebrate the preservation of our land, agricultural heritage, and community for the enrichment of current and future generations.


We foster an environment dedicated to discovery through farm-based education and community engagement.


We promote awareness of the importance of farms, relationships to land and community, and access to locally grown food.





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