Update from Glenn St. Tulnoynum, Farm Manager

Hi Everybody,

Spring is here, and the farm is coming back to life! We are so excited to see the new life popping up all around us. With the sounds of birds and peepers in the air, we’ve been getting ready for a super bountiful 2021 season. The greenhouse is full to bursting with vibrant young plants ready to move out into the garden over the next month. We have lettuce, spinach, beets, kale, and scallions coming along for our first CSA shares (and the first snap peas have been seeded out in the field!), and many of our long season crops are getting established.

One thing that we’re especially excited about our new U-Pick flower garden. We’ll be planting over 50 different flower varieties and inviting you to come and harvest your own bouquets this year to help us fund our hunger-relief mission, and the baby flowers in the greenhouse are such a joy to care for!

The beautiful sunny weather that we’ve been having has also given us the chance to work on some projects outside of the seedling greenhouse. We’re most of the way through building our brand new and much-improved wash station so that we can get you clean veggies in comfort and style. This weekend will be our first group volunteer project of the season when we gather on Sunday morning to recover our production high-tunnel, and we still have space for a couple of more volunteers! Last but certainly not least, the weather and some new equipment have allowed us to begin our field prep over a month earlier than the previous season!

In addition to maintaining our organic growing practices, LCF is moving to a no-till farming style that will allow us to extend our season and increase our yields over the next few years. Stay tuned for more updates on that.

Happy gardening and good eating from the LCF team!
Glenn, Claire, and Ox

What Can I do as a Volunteer?


Type of Volunteer Work What to Expect Suggested Items to Wear/ Bring Estimated # Hours
On-Farm Help


Contact Farmer Glenn at


–          Most physically intensive

–          Sun/heat exposure

–          Repetitive motion/ bending over/ kneeling

–          Be ready to get a little messy!

–   Hat/ cap

–    Sunscreen

–          Water

–          Light/ loose clothing

–          Comfortable shoes/boots and mid-length socks

–          Gloves

2 hours
CSA Distribution


Contact Farmer Glenn at glenn@littletoncommunityfarm.org

–          Least physically intensive (requires periods of standing)

–          Located in shade near wash station

–          May get wet washing veggies!

–          Water

–          Light / comfortable clothing

1.5-3 hours on Tuesdays and  Thursdays between 3-6 PM.
Driving Food Donation



Lynne DeLorenzo at lynnellen71@gmail.com

–          Physical requirements:

driver’s license and ability to lift 25 lbs. to unload donations on site

–          Sites are in Devens, Lowell, and Leominster.



–          Water

–          Smart phone, GPS, or Map (unless already familiar with locations)

1-2 hours per shift.


How to find us:

7 Wilderness Rd, Littleton, MA 01460

We are located off Foster Street in Littleton, behind both the Fire Station and on the Property of the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF). You can park at the fire station, or, drive up the dirt Wilderness road to the white barn, and park there. Then, walk up the dirt path to the farm.



Announcing 2020/2021 Membership program to Littleton Community Farm

Membership Program

Littleton Community Farm has been made possible by supporters like you.  Your support has allowed the farm to grow food for others, and encourage a better understanding of our food supply while building community.  Members form the base of commitment for our mission and helps to cover our basic operating expenses.

Membership is $50 per household. Membership is good for one calendar year and is tax-deductible donation in support of our work.


Why is membership important?

Membership dues account for the funds raised each year to make our charitable programs possible. In addition, a strong membership base tells the community that you believe that when you eat, others also get to eat.

That’s the difference between being a member and a shareholder?

Members of Littleton Community Farm pay annual dues of $50 per family. These funds are used to support the charitable programs of the organization: our Hunger Relief Program.

Shareholders of Littleton Community Farm pay for a share of our harvest. Funds from the sales of shares are used exclusively to pay for the costs of producing that food and a living wage for our farmer.

Are all members also shareholders?

No. There are many wonderful people in our community who are members because they support the work that we do, but are not shareholders.

Are all shareholders also members?

Yes. We do ask that in order to purchase a share, or split a share, each household also initiates or renews their membership.

How long does my membership last?

Memberships last for 12 months from the date that dues are paid. We will send out lapsed membership notices by email on a quarterly basis, including a notice in our Annual Appeal in the fall.

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership benefits include:

A subscription to our Farm Friends e-newsletter (providing updates on our programs, opportunities to get involved, and serving as your portal to the local food/farm scene)

Early notice of CSA sales.

Early notice of our Spring Plant Sale.

Early notice to any ticketed event.

A 10% discount on farm merchandise (new t-shirts are in the works for 2021)

Voting rights at our annual meeting starting in 2021.

Is my membership tax deductible?

In the case of LCF your membership is tax deductible as they in for the general support of the organization, and don’t provide benefits of monetary value to the members.