We have a “Need for Seeds!”

The Littleton Seed Library needs your help!

The Littleton Seed Library offers anyone in Littleton and neighboring towns the opportunity to “check-out” seeds for free. For several years the library has relied on seed packet donations from seed companies.  Due to the COVID-19 situation, the seed

companies have been inundated with orders and probably won’t have much left for donations next year.

The silver lining to COVID-19, is that many more people are planting gardens!  This is exciting news to celebrate, and we are wishing everyone a bountiful harvest.

The ultimate goal of the seed library is to create a self-sustaining seed bank where growers who “borrow” seeds will save and return seeds to the library after they have harvested their crops. Those seeds will then be offered to borrowers during the next growing season and the cycle can repeat itself. Over time, the seeds become stronger and increasingly acclimated to local area growing conditions.

It is vital for us to increase the number of local growers who save seeds this year due to the depletion of seeds from seed companies.  With your help, the seed library can continue to be a great community resource for individuals and our local food system.  

Don’t know how to save seeds? No problem! 

Click HERE for a step by step guide on how to plant your seeds this spring in order to

harvest and save seeds in the fall.  In addition, we have local plant saving experts for you to rely on with any questions or concerns!

Want to save seeds?  Take the next steps! 

If you are ready to save seeds, sign up HERE to join the seed saving community. Saving seeds for yourself and friends is another great way to help support future gardens. 


Use THESE resources to get started.


Thank you,

Littleton Seed Library

Announcing Victory Garden Seed Distribution

Thanks for participating in the Littleton Community Farm Seed Library Victory Garden project!  We hope that you and your family enjoy both the gardening experience and the resulting bounty!  There are lots of helpful resources online to get you started with your seeds.  Here are a few helpful resources to get you started:

 Seed Starting Information

Gardening with Kids

Gardening with Kids – Teaching Nutrition

Free Seed Starting Academy

Due to temporary Library closure seeds are available via on-line order form

We have a robust collection of FREE vegetable seeds as part of our Seed Library.  Many of these are open-pollinated and can be harvested for seed and brought back to share with others.  Early spring is a great time to grow high-nutrition greens, such as lettuce and arugula, which could be available within a few weeks.

In light of the library closing, where the seed collection is held, we will be holding distribution sessions on:

Thursday March 26th 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Thursday April 2, 2020 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

 Seeds must be reserved in advance. No more the 8 packets of seeds per household.

Place your order online now!

Pick up your seeds at the Littleton Fire Department Parking Lot.


We hope you will get involved with LCF this summer by volunteering or donating.

For more information, email info@littletoncommunityfarm.org