LCF’s CSA Shares

A CSA member buys a “share” of the harvest in advance of the growing season. This helps LCF with the capital needed early in the year to buy seeds and supplies. When the growing season is underway, the CSA shareholder receives a weekly share of the farm’s harvest; out of the ground fresh, high quality, vegetables grown using organic practices. The CSA share distribution is set up “market style”, with shareholders filling their own bags or boxes with specified quantities of vegetables.

LCF sell CSA shares in order to be able to operate our program and fulfill our mission. You can purchase a share for yourself, and you can donate to cover the cost equivalent to the price of a CSA share that is donated to a local family identified through Littleton Elder and Human Services. Every year we donate thousands of pounds of fresh and healthy vegetables to local families and food pantries in our area.

CSA prices and sizes:
Large CSA Family Share $515 (18-week summer season – mid June thru mid-October), 2-4 people.
Small CSA Share $350 (18-week summer season – mid June thru mid-October), 1-2 people.



LCF’s Work Share Program: 5 hours farm work per week in exchange for a CSA share:
(18-week summer season– mid June thru mid-October)
Getting a spot in our work share program is not guaranteed by signing up. We have a very limited number of work shares available, which we aim to primarily benefit those who cannot afford to purchase a share. This is a wonderful educational opportunity, where you will be spending time in the field learning about growing practices and techniques. Click the link above to let us know if you are interested in this program (information is located on the bottom of the form).


What are your farming practices?
We grow our produce using organic principles (never any chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers), demonstrating our commitment to enhancing soil health, using resources efficiently, creating a safe working environment for ourselves, our farmer and our volunteers, and growing safe healthy food.

What’s in a share?
We plant a diversity of crops in order to provide a wide variety of vegetables and herbs to our CSA members. Shares contain different items each week, depending what’s ready for harvest.

What if there’s a crop failure? Do I get my money back?
As a shareholder, you agree to share the risk of crop failure with LCF. You are investing in Mother Nature’s cooperation and LCF’s mission of growing produce to reduce food insecurity, while providing educational programs and community. In the unlikely event of a crop failure, LCF will try to compensate for the failed crops by filling your share with other crops grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time, but there are no refunds. We ask that you familiarize yourself with LCF’s Farm Policy and our CSA Agreement.

Can I pick up my share early, or change to a different pick-up day?
In general we cannot accommodate requests to change pick-up days, or to pick up shares earlier.

2019 CSA Pick-up Times
Tuesday afternoons, 3:00-6:00 pm or
Friday afternoons, 3:00-6:00 pm

What happens if I miss my pick-up?
If you are not able to pick up your share, feel free to send someone else to pick it up. Unclaimed shares will be donated to an organization that can make good use of it.

Can I share a share with my friends?
Splitting a share among two households is okay with us, BUT we ask that shareholders take the entire weekly share in one visit to the farm. Please do not come to pick up your share and take a “partial” or “half” share. Keep in mind that our shares are designed for one household, and the contents can’t always be divided equally. If you decide to share a share, we suggest that you either come to pick up your share together, alternate pick-up weeks, or split the share at home.

How do I contact the farm?
The best way to communicate with us is via email:

Do I have to volunteer on the farm?
No, there is no volunteer work requirement for CSA members, but if you are interested in volunteering, we have many opportunities. Click the link above, and indicate that you wish to volunteer, and someone from LCF will be in touch with you.

How do I sign up?
Click the link above to purchase or donate online. You can also chose not to pay online, but to send a check to Littleton Community Farm, P.O. Box 1186, Littleton, MA, 01460. Send us an email at if you are sending us a check to let us know, and indicate your preferred pickup day and the size you are buying. We do run out of shares, and it’s on a first come first serve basis, so don’t wait with letting us know.

We hope to see you on the farm!