Volunteer On-Boarding Information


  • All volunteers must complete a waiver form. Minors must have their waiver filled out by their parent or guardian.
  • Volunteers under the age of 16 are required to be accompanied by an adult/ guardian. This person must be present on the farm with the youth throughout the duration of their volunteer shift.
  • We encourage everyone to take periodic breaks to rest and enjoy their time on the farm. However, we ask that all volunteers keep in mind the mission we are collectively working towards- to grow accessible, fresh, healthy food for our larger community. This requires volunteers remain focused on their tasks to the best of their ability, throughout their shift.
  • We ask that volunteers kindly log their hours on our website when their shift is complete. Logging hours helps us look like good investments to our funders!
  • Equipment will be available at LCF for volunteer use. However, due to COVID-19 or other reasons volunteers may prefer to use their own tools:
  • Gloves, spades, clippers * materials will vary depending on the day and given tasks.


  • Volunteers, staffs, and visitors to the farm must wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while on the property.
  • Volunteers and visitors should remain at least 6-feet away from staff and volunteers from other households.
  • Water and snack breaks will need to be taken with a minimum 15 feet of distance.
  • ALL enclosed spaces are OFF-LIMITS. Greenhouses and barns potty are staff only.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to wash their hands with sanitizer.
  • Volunteers are required to bring their own work gloves.


Type of Volunteer Work What to Expect Suggested Items to Wear/ Bring Estimated # Hours
On-Farm Help


Contact Farmer Glenn at


–          Most physically intensive

–          Sun/heat exposure

–          Repetitive motion/ bending over/ kneeling

–          Be ready to get a little messy!

–          Hat/ cap

–          Sunscreen

–          Water

–          Light/ loose clothing

–          Comfortable shoes/boots and mid-length socks

–          Gloves

2 hours
CSA Distribution


Contact Farmer Glenn at glenn@littletoncommunityfarm.org

–          Least physically intensive (requires periods of standing)

–          Located in shade near wash station

–          May get wet washing veggies!

–          Water

–          Light / comfortable clothing

1.5-3 hours on Tuesdays and  Thursdays between 3-6 PM.
Driving Food Donation



Lynne DeLorenzo at lynnellen71@gmail.com

–          Physical requirements:

driver’s license and ability to lift 25 lbs. to unload donations on site

–          Sites are in Devens, Lowell, and Leominster.



–          Water

–          Smart phone, GPS, or Map (unless already familiar with locations)

1-2 hours per shift.


How to find us:

7 Wilderness Rd, Littleton, MA 01460

We are located off Foster Street in Littleton, behind both the Fire Station and on the Property of the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF). You can park at the fire station, or, drive up the dirt Wilderness road to the white barn, and park there. Then, walk up the dirt path to the farm.





April – May Due to COVID, we are limiting people on farm to staff.
May – September Volunteers needed for field-work. Please contact Farmer Glenn (glenn@littletoncommunityfarm.org) to arrange a shift.
June – October Volunteers needed at CSA distribution, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-6 PM. Contact Farmer Glenn to arrange a shift. Regularity for this task is greatly desired!
June – October Driving vegetables to our distribution sites in Devens, Lowell, and Leominster. Contact Lynne DeLorenzo at lynnellen71@gmail.com to arrange a shift.



I had fun at the community farm … I learned a lot about how to manage crops and

 vegetables while helping to do just that.  I helped prepare the farm for a very snowy winter, and learned about management of the farm in winter. Overall, I had a great  time working at the farm.       Callum, 13 years.

Volunteering at the Farm with my son and his friend this fall was just what the    doctor ordered.  It was a great way to get the kids outdoors, move, and help the community.  It is heartening to have an active institution in my community that is committed to improving the environment, as well as educating and feeding the local community.  We will definitely be back this season, and my new skills may even inspire me to start gardening at home again!     Jasmin, mother of Callum.