Leeks: What to do with  them

What do you do with the leek? Well, that depends on who you are.

The Roman emperor Nero consumed leeks in oil in order to enhance his singing voice. He was
such a leek freak that his friends nicknamed him “Porophagus,” which means “leek eater”.

The proud people of Wales consider the leek a national emblem so on March 1st (St David’s
Day) they decorate their outfits with leeks.

Young maidens from ancient times, put leeks under their pillows before bedtime. They would
then dream about their future husband.

Here in Littleton, we recognize that leeks have great cancer fighting properties. The flavonoid,
kaempferol is abundant in this mild member of the allium family. Eating leeks help protect us
from bad antioxidants…and if Nero is correct, maybe they will help us become better singers?
Potato Leek soup has to be the “go to” recipe for leeks…and for good reason, it is easy and
delicious. Try this traditional recipe from Julia Child. If you have any leftover leeks, put them
under your pillow and see what happens!!!