Healthy Shares Program

It is our philosophy that everyone has the right to good healthy food regardless of wealth. To that end, we have a sliding scale system. By using a sliding scale, we are practicing economic solidarity.

We are cooperating with CSA members, donors, grantees, and recipients to provide mutual support around the cost of growing vegetables. This allows more people to participate in the CSA while providing fair compensation to our farmer and financial stability to the farm. Our farm aims to provide a more inclusive and equitable CSA community.

The farm is making the CSA’s available for people who typically aren’t able to afford share. Those who are unemployed or struggling to find work, sick or disabled, can pay much less for a produce share, while homeowners with a higher discretionary income can pay a higher price. We encourage each person who qualifies to pay what they can, given their circumstances. Littleton Community Farm Thanks to our CSA members, donors, and granters for making this program possible. Shares are limited.

What is food insecurity?

Littleton Community Farm refers to food insecurity, in this case, as a lack of access to enough nourishing, healthy, and culturally appropriate food.

You might be experiencing food insecurity if:

  • You worry that food will run out before you have money to buy more.
  • You feel that you can’t consistently feed yourself or your family well.
  • You don’t eat or eat less, because there isn’t enough money for food.

Do I qualify for a sliding scale CSA?

CSA Shares for All

To qualify, you must be receiving federal and or state welfare benefits such as cash assistance, healthcare, medical provisions, food assistance, housing subsidies, energy, utility subsidies, education, and/or childcare assistance.

You may meet the federal income guidelines established for participation in the free/reduced school meals program or meeting the 185% or less of the poverty line, which varies based on household size. We will provide a choice of three discount options based on income.

  • 60% DISCOUNT
  • 80% DISCOUNT
  • 90% DISCOUNT

We encourage membership purchases, but this is optional upon request. No one will be turned away based on their ability to pay in this category. Please reach out to if you need further assistance or have questions.

COVID-19 Relief

If you are circumstantially experiencing an inadequate amount of food because of COVID-19 due to temporary loss of income, reduced income or illness, we will provide a 20% or a 40% discount. Please review your wealth points before signing up. $50 membership is required.

Price List

20 Week share of mixed diversified vegetables grown with best organic practices.

20% 40% 60% 80% 90%
CSA Shares for All


N/A N/A $240 $120 $60
COVID-19 Relief Program


$480 $360   N/A N/A N/A


What other factors can determine my price point?

Think of each of these as “Wealth Points” or reasons why you may have the ability to pay more for your share than other folks. The more you check, the more likely you have the ability to pay more for your CSA and allow Littleton Community Farm to cover the actual costs of running the CSA program. We know this worksheet doesn’t encapsulate all of the different privileges or challenges that people live with, so we simply encourage you to use it as a tool for thinking about how you may choose to support your local farm this season.

“Wealth Points:”

I own the home I live in.

I have investments or a retirement account.

I stand to inherit money over $10,000.

I have access to family money and resources in times of need.

I work part-time, by choice.

I travel recreationally.

I am able (physically, mentally, logistically) to hold a job that pays a livable wage.

I don’t have significant debt.

I don’t have significant medical expenses.

I don’t receive public assistance (SNAP, SSI, housing assistance).

I am not supporting children or dependents.

I don’t have immigration-related expenses.

My annual income is over $110,191 for a 4-person family.

I do not meet the USDA SNAP income guidelines.

How can I pay?

Payment in full is requested whenever possible, which is how the CSA model provides important financial security for our farm.

However, we are happy to offer a payment plan for those who need it. We ask for the first payment upon registration. Your balance is paid in full no later than June 1st.

Regardless of whether you pay in full or on a payment plan, we accept Visa and Mastercard.

Can I be a member of the farm?

Yes, all CSA shareholders are members of the farm. We ask that all CSA members pay the $50 membership fee, and it is valid for one year and provides one vote at our annual fall meeting. If your situation prevents you from paying the full amount, please contact us, and we will gladly work something out. Please contact


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