Littleton Seed Library

What is a Seed Library?

Seed LibraryLittleton Seed Library offers anyone in Littleton and neighboring towns the opportunity to “borrow” heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for free. The goal is to create a self-sustaining seed library where growers who “borrow” seeds will save and return seeds to the library after they have harvested their crops. Those seeds will then be offered to borrowers during the next growing season and the cycle can repeat itself. Over time, the seeds become stronger and increasingly acclimated to local area growing conditions.

Why a Seed Library?

  • To create a source of locally-adapted seeds that grow well in Littleton and neighboring towns.
  • To educate the community about biodiversity, garden and plant ecology, cultural traditions concerning food and agriculture, heirloom varieties and related topics.
  • To build community awareness and connections through partnerships with local non-profits, food producers, horticulture businesses, gardeners, educational institutions, and other seed banks.
  • To preserve and perpetuate heirloom seed varieties.

Mission of Littleton Seed Library

The mission of Littleton Seed Library is to build community through the sharing of bio-diverse, locally-adapted seeds, provide education on seed starting and saving techniques, and create a forum for discourse on the relevancy of local food systems to our community.

Get Involved

  • Grow something!
  • Promote Littleton Seed Library to your friends, family and the community.
  • Read and learn more about seed starting and saving at the library.
  • Volunteer! Help is needed for packaging the seeds and stocking the seed library.
  • Donate! Cash donations, supplies or your time are needed to keep the seed library going.

Due to temporary Library closure seeds will be made available via online orders only.

Due to temporary closure of the Library you may pick up your seeds at the Littleton Fire Department back parking lot located:

For more information, email