Littleton Community Farm is approximately 1.5 acres, located just behind Fay Park. We hope you will come visit us!

We also welcome schools to visit us with their students. For more information about this program, please contact [email protected] If you have already arranged to visit the farm with your students, you can click HERE to confirm your visit.

When you visit, please park in the parking lot by the Fire Station. You can, if absolutely necessary, drive up Wilderness Rd. no faster than 10 mph. Drive to the very end of Wilderness Road where you will have a barn on your left, where you can park. Walk past the barn, continue up the trail, and the farm will be on your right. We love to have people of all ages come and visit, volunteer and enjoy the farm.  To ensure everyone’s safety and a thriving, successful farm, we ask that you read and follow our Farm Policy below.

Farm Policy

Communicating with Us

The best way to communicate with us is to send us an email at [email protected] You are also welcome to fill out our contact form.  We will respond promptly, so please don’t hesitate to ask us any question you may have.

Volunteering in the field

We love our volunteers. Their diverse experiences and personalities brighten our days and lighten our loads. There is always something to do at the farm during the growing season. Check out our Volunteer page and let us know where your interests lie. Before you come to volunteer, remember to send us an email so we make sure we’re available to greet you and help you find a project. Volunteering at the farm is not required to purchase a CSA share.


Safety first. Please use common sense when visiting the farm. Do not approach the farmer when she is operating machinery of any kind. Wave to her until she sees you. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t allow your children to run wild! No one should climb stone walls or mess with stuff. Be cool, be safe.


Children are encouraged to visit the farm with their families and should be escorted by an adult at all times. If you are planning to volunteer on the farm with your children, your first responsibility is, as always, to keep them safe. Please stay with them at all times to ensure that they do not wander away, endanger themselves of others, or damage any of the farm’s crops or property. If you have questions about appropriate jobs or situations, please send us an email.

Dogs at the Farm

When visiting the farm, please leave your dogs at home. We do not allow dogs in the barn during CSA pick ups, and dogs are never allowed in our growing fields.

Safety around Farm Machinery

If you or your child would like to see how something works, just ask! Please be mindful when farm machinery is being used, however, and make sure your children do not play on or near any machinery. If a tractor is driven near you in the field, please step far away and look for signs that the operator sees you.

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy grows rampant throughout Prouty Woods, including around the farm. Please know how to identify poison ivy and how to treat your skin after possible exposure.


There are ticks in Prouty Woods and around the farm.  We encourage participants to wear light colored clothing that covers their legs and feet and ask all of you to conduct “tick-checks” after you have been on the farm.


If you are planning a visit, please check the weather. If thunderstorms or other potentially dangerous weather is predicted, consider rescheduling. We will be indoors if the weather is bad.


Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, sturdy closed-toe shoes or boots are a must.  In hot weather, a hat is essential. Bring a water bottle too.

Other procedures and rules to be followed:

All participants will respect the safety and well-being of others at the farm.  No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. Please refrain from smoking on the farm.