Dates of Work: June through October, 2019
Location: Littleton, Massachusetts
Compensation: 1 Full CSA Share

Being part of the work share volunteer program is a unique way to participate in the activities of the farm and to learn about growing your own food. As part of the work share volunteer program, you exchange volunteering hours for a farm share (a weekly distribution of fresh, in-season, organically grown produce) and you provide a key link in our farm system with your helping hands. In order for our partnership to be successful, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled (see below). There is also a very limited number of spots available, which we aim to primarily benefit those who cannot afford to buy a CSA share.

Work share volunteers must work minimum 5 hours every week for 18 weeks in exchange for a full CSA share (18 weeks of produce June-Oct.). Work share volunteers must have worked minimum 90 hours by the end of October. Each work share volunteer gets assigned a work shift, which will be the same time slot every week. Work share volunteers can choose whether they would like to be scheduled for the season for one 5 hour shift per week, or two 2.5 hour shifts per week. Again, your work shift will be the same every week. We understand that summer is time for vacation. You can make up the hours that you will miss during other weeks.

To Apply:  Email your application to